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Why should I partner with Brides by Enrique?

Consider our education, expertise, years of experience, and professionalism.  Just as you make a wise investment in a photographer, do the same with your makeup and hair artist selection as the two truly go hand-in-hand.  We pride ourselves on the entire partnership experience: timely communication, ease of contracting, carefully planned timelines, onsite services, and most importantly one of the best makeup and hair artist experiences you can find. 

What is unique about Brides by Enrique?
In the world of makeup and hair, each client is unique and so is their makeup + hair.  Symmetry of a look is very important as well as the ability to recognize the client's unique facial features and adapt a look that truly enhances their physical characteristics.  Licensed, insured, and highly trained, Enrique has built an excellent reputation in the industry; he has been trusted by numerous brides and celebrities over his long career in this space.  Only the highest quality of products are used and stringent cleaning procedures are always followed. 

Tell me more about the makeup you use including air brush makeup. 

First, it is important to know that over-the-counter makeup is very different from professional grade makeup as it can have a negative flash back with the camera lighting that often makes the skin appear pale or ashy.  Air brush makeup is the de facto industry standard where a fine mist of makeup is applied to the skin.  Air brush makeup feels extraordinary light and wears well throughout the day.  The makeup we use is high definition which ensures the best possible makeup in your photographs.  Prior to air brush makeup, the skin is prepped to ensure that any blemishes or marks are well hidden.   

Is a Bridal Consultation (aka "Trial Look") required?

Yes.  The Bridal Consultation is a very important step to ensure that your wedding day makeup and hair is defined and documented.  We encourage you to book your Bridal Consultation two-to-three months in advance of your wedding.  It is important to note that scheduled Bridal Consultations do not guarantee our availability on your wedding day (a signed agreement with a deposit in-place is required).  Please see our Bridal Consultation page for more information to help you get prepared.

How do I partner with you?
It is important to know that Enrique and his team book quickly - sometimes up to a year in advance.  We encourage you to book early - as they say, "the early bird gets the worm".  Once a signed agreement and deposit is in place, Enrique and his team are guaranteed for your wedding day.  Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot hold a date without a signed agreement and deposit.  We only book one wedding per day so as to ensure the highest level of commitment to our customers.  To book us, please reach out to us via our Contact page.

I have a large bridal party.  How large of a party can you accommodate?

We can typically accommodate wedding parties of any size but it does depend on timing and availability of Enrique and his team. 

Tell me more about the other artists on the Brides by Enrique team.
More often needed for the larger bridal parties, all of our artists have a minimum of 10 years experience in the business and pass a rigorous review of their work quality before they become part of the team.  Here at Brides by Enrique, these artists represent our brand and our team consists only of high caliber artists. 

How would you describe the style of Brides by Enrique?
Enrique and his team of artists are truly adept in all styles of hair as well as makeup artistry. 

What skin tones and/or hair types do you have expertise with?
We have expertise with all skin tones and hair types.

Do you work with sensitive skin?
Yes.  Mention this to us and we will be happy to review options with you to ensure the appropriate products are used.

Do you do tattoo cover-up and/or cover-up for stretch marks?

Yes.  These types of requests are very much case-by-case.  Mention this to us and we will be happy to discuss.